Cat World is an online blog dedicated to cat enthusiasts where you can find a wealth of details about your cat and breeds as well as tips on how to take care of it. We’ve broken down the most important information into three paragraphs, beginning at an introduction to the Cat Breeds section, where you can find descriptions of many breeds, including Persian cats Siamese cat breeds or Maine Coons. In the section on care, you will find information on food and training. In the section on cat health you will find all the other important details about feline diseases and ways to treat them.

Cats come in many different types

There are over 100 cat breeds and classes (below you’ll find a comprehensive and accurate information about the various kinds of cats, and the most popular of which don’t miss the cats!). Learn about the different breeds!

Tonkinese cat

Facts about the Tonkinese cat Tonkinese cat or Tonkinese is a mix breed: Siamese and Burmese Cat. We will be learning all about this ...
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Munchkin cat

Munchkin cat, short-legged cat   Munchkin is Munchkinis is a small or medium-sized cat that has short legs but a normal-sized ...
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Himalayan cat

Himalayan cat, information about its origin and characteristics The Himalayan cathas an appearance that is similar to the Persian cat ...
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Siamese Cat

Siamese cat is something we all instantly recognize. The Siamese cat is distinctively chromatic and has intense blue eyes. However, its origins ...
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Oriental Cat

Oriental Shorthair Cat Do you know this breed of cat? Although the oriental cat is not well-known, it can still be ...
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Birman cat

Birman All information on Birman cats. Burmese sacred cat, or Birman cat, also known as the Birman cat is a ...
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cat photos

The world’s top cat photo gallery!

Breeding cats

All the details about how to care for cats. On you can discover the most informative content to help you know how to look after them and provide them with the highest quality health care. Ailments, diseases food, and so on. Your quality of life and health depend on your.

Small kitten care

The kitten needs one month old kittens require alot of attention, as it relies heavily on its caregivers or mother as ...
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How do you punish cats ?

Many families keep cats as pets at home Perhaps you're one of them. Have ever wondered what punishment cats can receiveif ...
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How to Raise cats In Easy Steps

How cats are raised is something you might have thought if you've ever adopted a kitten. The good news about ...
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Information about cats

Cats are fascinating pet which are distinguished by their intelligence as well as an aura of mystery. Each cat has their individuality, and even though they’re not as or as expressive as dogs, everyone who has ever lived with them will know that they are unique beings.

5 reasons Why do cats bite their owner !

Cats can bite in different circumstances. They can bite you when they are bored or feel threatened. Unexpected stimuli can have ...
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How long can cats breastfeed ?

Cats are part of the animal class of mammals. They are therefore classified as a grouping of vertebrate species whose ...
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Does my cat love me | 10 signs that your cat loves you ?

Cats, love? How can I tell if my cat loves and cares for me? Many people would love to own a ...
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Cat Hygiene

Your cat may require assistance in the grooming process, clipping nails and also oral hygiene. If you offer them this treatment with kindness and compassion you will build relationships with you, and they will be able to ensure your pet’s well-being.

Do you have to bathe your cat ?

The majority of dogs are regularly washed or thoroughly cleaned at the dog kennel. What is the result of taking care ...
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10 tips to assist you . How do you remove the nail nails from cats ? 

It's The process of clipping a catis not an easy task regardless of the inconvenience it causes the cat and the ...
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Why are cats not fond of water?

water cats Two words that very few are able to put together in the same sentence. It's not a secret that ...
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Things you should be aware of prior to adopting the kitten

There are kittensone of the most rewarding memories of our life. However, to fully be a part of the life of kittens, you need to be aware of their behavior and the nature of it, in particular. Understanding this will allow you to determine what you need from them and whether you are willing to accept the responsibility. If you’re interested in learning how to do this better, visit here.

Cat names

Did you see a cat recently arrive in your home? It’s time to come up with an original and practical name for him. Take note of your cat for a couple of days before you are able to choose an appropriate nickname for the personality of your cat. It does not have to be a popular word in your vocabulary , as long as your pet is aware that you are referring to it. A tip: the less the name of your cat, the more memorable.

Cat names. Affectionate, beautiful and innovative.

Many people find that choosing the right cat name isn't necessarily an easy decision as they like unique, loving, famous ...
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Japanese cat names and their meanings

What are the reasons to search for Japanese cat names. Japan is a nation where cats are loved. The cat is a ...
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Best male cat names and their meanings

In this article we will give you the most popular names for male cats The original gentle, the gorgeous in accordance with ...
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